Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A rather Unofficial Update

Well, it's been awhile sense my last update. I blame Mass Effect, since I finally sat down and played through the series. It was a good run, all the way up until Mass Effect 3's endgame. The usual "Pick a Door" criticism aside, there was some notable railroading to quite a bit of the plot and fights. Maybe I'll cover that another time. Anywho! Time to show off some new creations!

Unoffical Sentai Akibaranger has been a lot more fun than what I was expecting! It had ample share of parody, not just of Super Sentai but also of fan culture in general. Nobuo is the hapless but heroic man who'd be considered too old for sentai, but draws strength and courage from it just the same. Yumeria (Akiba Yellow) is also a pretty good send up of cosplay and yaoi fangirls as well. The nods to old school shows like Sun Vulcan, and its mid and late season changes and tropes, were pretty amazing too.

As far as the general plot goes, it was pretty solid. The suits and suit acting were really good and funny. The Rick Jones Moments were pretty wild too, as heroes and villains alike were becoming aware of the connections between the real and Delusion Worlds and were working toward breaking the Fourth Wall.

All building up to a final battle with the elusive Saburo Hatte! There's one more episode to Akibaranger to go. If y'all haven't checked it out yet, and have been following sentai for any extended time, it's quite a blast. As far as these Super Legend creations... hmm, perhaps Power Rangers Bootleg are fans who have gained super powers and self-awareness, and must battle Haim Saban to become a full fledged show :P.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Update, New Mutations!

So... these guys are fair game for Power Rangers material, right? They did appear in Power Rangers in Space, after all.

The heroes on a half-shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are powerful in their own right, or they can be added to add some new tricks to existing Ninja decks. Team them up with Ninja Storm for new ninja tricks!

The Ninja Turtles, naturally, have the Animal keyword, so they can be utilize some Beast Power themes. They can hang out with the Beetleborgs... or the Advent Beasts of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, if you're feeling silly.

Dark Power Ninja decks will also get some back up from the Foot Clan! Shredder and Lothor can team up for many cunning schemes and 4th Wall breaking antics. in seriousness, I'm gotten started on compiling the second set of Super Legend Revolution, using the new template. The featured series will be Jungle Fury, Power Rangers In Space, SPD, and Thunder Force, the 'custom' team using the second season MMPR mecha, along with the actual Dairanger uniforms. The Ninja Turtles may or may not be appearing in upcoming sets.

To cover my bacon, these pictures came from the recent CGI TMNT movie, it's pretty cool CG and design wise, even if the story if pretty wonky. The new villains and April's latex ninja outfit (that she got on vacation in Japan) are particularly odd. Also, some nifty fan art for Venus and Shredder. It was especially difficult finding Venus pics that weren't poorly captured screen caps of her in "I'm a GIRL!" poses or... odd porn. Huh.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A new year and a new start. with Super Legend: Revolution!

It's been a while since the last update, I've been busy with work, and also busy revamping the look of Super Legend. Going forward, instead of using Magic Set Editor to design the cards, I'll be making the cards via Photoshop and drawing from the original Rangers Strike card designs.

Among other things, this means the cards won't have the Magic-styled designs and be closer to their Ranger Strike roots. The larger frames give the art more room to shine as well.

This is also a relaunch of sorts for the game as well. I'll be going through the older sets and redesigning them for Super Legend: Revolution. The debut set shows some familiar faces from the very first sets, along with a new team, based on the pirate heroes of Gokaiger, which just wrapped up recently. The rest of the line up for Episode 1: The Rangers' Return goes like this:

  • Beast Power: Mighty Morphin' (Year 1), Wild Force

  • Earth Power: Turbo, Operation Overdrive

  • Future Power: RPM, Seas of Space (Gokaiger)

  • Mystic Power: Mystic Force, Samurai

Super Legend: Revolution is compatible with OCTGN 2, so for those who've been downloading the sets so far, Rangers' Return and onward will work on that version and the previous sets! Players may want to still download the newest definition, as it has some revised backdrops and icons. Super Legends Revolutions will also see some minor tinkering to the rules as well. For the most part, it'll still be the great Power Rangers/tokusatsu card game we all know and love.

Been working on the Rangers Strike translations and the Super Legend game a good couple years or so now, and I hope those that have followed these projects have been enjoying them! Keep spreading the justice! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Times and Heroes for Saga 8 of Super Legend!

This latest installment of Super Legend features some firsts... and also marks some changes. First, this will be the last to use the Magic the Gathering "Future Shift" layout. After some feedback from fans and readers, I'm going to try to make some cards from scratch. While this might result in some longer time to prepare and layout cards, it'll give them a more unique look, closer to the original Rangers Strike cards. The first set to use this will be a new "base set", to get the game back to its more Power Ranger roots.

As for the set itself, Heroes From New Dimensions introduces new versions of various outsider Rangers. Green Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger, the Thunder ninjas from Ninja Storm make appearances, as does the games version of Gosei Knight, Silver Guardian Ranger. Serrator, the villain for the upcoming second season of Power Rangers Samurai also makes enters the fray.

New Masked Riders also race their way into the game! Super Legend's version of Kamen Rider Double, Gemini, brings Hybrid powered goodness for Masked Rider decks, while a certain passing-through hero mimicks Riders past and present.

Finally, Saga 8 marks the debut of some of the other characters from Saban's history. Drawing from Toei's Metal Hero series, this set will feature heroes from revamped versions of VR Troopers and Beetleborgs. These shows were adapted from Metalder, Spielban and the B-Fighter series. Also joining the Super Legend universe is Janperson, one of several robotic police officers, represented in game by Robotic Crimes Investigation.

I am happy to have helped readers and fans discover Rangers Strike, and I hope they're enjoying the Super Legend fan game. The Facebook group is also growing quite steadily. Check out Rangers Strike Revolution to talk about the game, and about tokusatsu in general!

Keep spreading the justice

And now for something completely different.

Today there's been various protests, both online and offline, over the recent SOPA and PIPA. There are several key things that bug me about these two acts that are currently circulating in Congress.

One, that they are being proposed by politicians that either don't know the full scope of what these laws would hit, or totally do know because they're being backed by those who stand to gain the most from gratuitous government and corporate control of the Internet.

The other, that outside of internet news forums and chatter, these policies have getting little to no coverage until just now. Even then, a lot of what you'll see on CNN and the like are bemused reports on "What the heck is this SOPA thing?" before turning back to more 'interesting' news. Again, this is probably because CNN, Fox News and even MSNBC News have the most to gain by being able to clamp down on each other and, more importantly, independent news outlets that are trying to 'interfere' with the News Industry.

The most obnoxious thing is that the pirating and shenanigans that these laws are supposed to counter will only be mildly inconvenienced but otherwise continue, but it will give big companies the tools to drop the hammer on various fan forums and websites.

Ya know, like 4Chan, Henshin Justice Unlimited or even blogs like this one.

So, write, email, and call your local Representative or Senator to let them know that the whole Internet and Freedom of Expression thing is pretty important.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Take flight with Super Legend Saga 7: The Wings of Glory!

Well, another holiday season is almost wrapped up, long enough to present one last update for the year. Presenting: Super Legend Saga 7: Wings of Glory!

This new set marks the arrival of Goseiger into the Super Legend setting, in the form of the Guardians of Light! They come from a race of mystical beings similar to Zordon, and have arrived found themselves cut off from their home world Celestia, when the Tower of Light that links their dimension to this one is cut off when the Tribunal of Terror, remnants from a trio of villianous factions past set their sights on Earth. The five young apprentices find themselves in the familiar city of Angel Grove because... well, were else would you expect an angel themed set of Rangers to end up. :P

Game mechanic-wise, the Guardians of Light work off of their Knight keywords. More importantly, they introduce Hybrid Power into the Super Legends game. Hybrid cards draw from multiple Power types, making them more versatile in game situations.

Also making his debut will be Den-O and his various Imajin pals, in the form of Masked Rider Express. He gives Future Power another set of multi-formed Morph Riders to play with. Other Kamen Rider series also get to characters and tricks to play with.

Another addition with Saga 8 is the addition of the Squad size class for units. Squad units represent groups of smaller machines that work with one another in battle. Squads open up another way to bring out Large units, like the new version of Dino Megazord, for those situation where bringing out all five or more units for a Zords extra costs proves to difficult.

That's all the news so far. The new set's up for download, and full rules on Hybrid units, Squads, and other tweaking will be available in the rules page soon! Also, if anyone discovers any typos, issues with OCTGN downloads, or difficulties with my site' files, pleae let me know so I can get them fixed. Thanks, and happy holidays to everyone at Frontier Justice!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Warriors of Speed and Honor rushing in for Saga 6!

After surviving the November rush of video game releases, I've returned! I've also been reworking the game definition for Super Legend to allow players to search for stuff by series, to make building decks a bit easier. Make sure to download the new versions!

This month's update brings about some minor changes. First off, a slight name change is in order. Since the card game's going to be drawing from more material from the original Rangers Strike and tokusatsu series, shows that haven't made it stateside yet, Power Rangers: Super Legend will now be redubbed Super Legend: Tokusatsu VCG. The same card backs will be used in the game definition, so that won't change.

Also, the newest Saga continues to focus on Power Rangers Samurai, introducing their Shogun Modes. These might not make their way into the actual show (rumor indicate they're going the Battilizer route for Red), I figure it'd be neat to represent them in game. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight also gets new cards to play with as does the debuting Masked Rider Mercury heroes, based on the Kamen Rider Kabuto series. These Future Power Riders rely on their uncanny speed to outmaneuver attacks and their opponent's tricks.

For those who prefer more classic goodness, Battle Fever J are represented in the form of the Global Guardians. These old school heroes are good editions for Spy decks and Earth Power decks in general. For Kamen Rider fans, Faiz, Agito, and Amazon also get some love.

Speed and Honor also has some fan-favorites from the older Power Rangers season as well. The mighty Mega Dragonzord, and its companion carrier Titanus, arrive, as do the villainous crew from Lightspeed Rescue, the Psycho Rangers.

Still no word on Cross Gather 8... wonder if Carddas is gonna continue the game, or put their energies into the Gundam War CCG relaunch and the Ganbaride/Dice-O arcade stuff. We'll have to see. More news as it happens!